When should I seek help from a physiotherapist
for my child?beautifulamazingunique

  • If your child is not reaching their milestones at the appropriate age. This is known as developmental delay or delayed milestones. Examples of these milestones are rolling onto his/her tummy, crawling, pulling up into standing and walking
  • If your baby has a flat spot either on the back of side his/her head
  • If your baby is struggling to turn his/her head from side to side
  • If your child has poor balance or coordination. This might be evident if they fall frequently
  • If your child has poor posture or frequently complains of muscle pain

Common Conditions:

  • Delayed development or milestones
  • Low-toned (floppy) babies and child.
  • Co-ordination and balance difficulties
  • Postural difficulties
  • Syndromes and genetic disorders such a Down’s Syndrome
  • Congenital conditions
  • Cerebral Palsy and other neurological conditions
  • Orthopaedic conditions
  • High risk infant. An infant may be high risk if she/ he has a history of premature birth, frequent hospitalisation or a NICU stay
  • Asperger’s/Autism and other related conditions
  • Rheumatological conditions


development assessment 

and therapy to assist in meeting developmental milestones (such as rolling, crawling and walking)


of high-risk infants to assist in identifying potential motor and developmental delays. The following are risk factors for high-risk infants :Complicated birth or pregnancy history, NICU stay, prematurity, low birthweight, frequent hospitalisations, meningitis

and encephalitis


of “floppy” or low toned babies


of children who have challenges with balance, posture, and coordination. This may affect handwriting and concentration. Children with these challenges may often be thought of as “clumsy” or frequently fall.


of orthopaedic or rheumatological conditions such as rehabilitation post fracture 


of neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injury


of genetic conditions or syndromes such as Down’s Syndrome


physiotherapy session. As a result of COVID-19, the Health Professions Council of South Africa has approved telehealth sessions in order to comply with social distancing

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